We are a group of developers and designers and as our work and projects are often related to the cloud and data, we decided to use the name Cloudocs (needless to say it's not a very common name). But if you thought we were doctors, well, at least not in the traditional sense, I'm afraid. Though doctoring around with numbers, tons of code, infographics and data analytics is fun for us.

So like our latest project, Vivid Presenter, we often find something that isn't working the way we imagine it or has been annoying either our friends or ourselves for a long time.

We work on a wide variety of projects. It could be a website that we like, which needs a few tweaks to reach its full potential or an app idea that hasn't yet been implemented in the way we think would work best. There are really tons of more examples likes this, some of which work well but could need a little re-design or re-positioning.

So if you have something that could interest us, please let us know. We love new opportunities and as I am excluding myself here, I think it's fair to say that the developers and designers that make Cloudocs are top of the notch.

We are always curious to know what bothers our friends and peers because after all it's for them that we design and develop something new. To try to make all our lives a little more fun and easier.

That's us. Now let us know a bit more about yourself and write the team to friends@cloudocs.de