Vivid is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that we made during the Summer 2015 to make it easier for anyone to prepare and present their stories right from their mobile device. We always wondered why the native apps for presenting from your smartphone make it so difficult to create, share and present your presentations directly from your mobile device. Even linking an image or video from the internet into your presentation in order to save space on your mobile device was difficult, so we decided to make an app for that.

As smartphones are more widely used (in some countries the only device people have), we are really excited to make sharing and presenting your stories more accessible to everyone and hopefully Vivid will also start to replace some of the presentations you used to make with traditional tools; mobile phones can be a fun and interactive way to replace them (and we can show you how) :) But as you are a very early adopter, keep in mind that this is just the beginning and we would love to hear from you either on or here.

Another reason for developing Vivid is also because we noticed that a lot of the tools out there show you a blank page to start with. That's so tempting and wrong. They don't focus on the structure and content of your story and tempt you to fill that empty page to make it busy and overloaded, despite of all the information overload we already face. A good and vivid presenter should be able to break down that information to reasonable chunks and bits, that the audience can remember easily.

Please think of how you can use Vivid with some of your presentations and try to use visuals or videos to break down some of the key messages and engage the audience in different ways. If you need help to adapt your presentations for Vivid we can help you out with your first one. If you have hightly confidential information perhaps we can provide you with a enterprise solution for Vivid. As most of the content is not confidential and can be easily uploaded to storage providers like Youtube or TinyPic we think that the way forward is presenting from your mobile.

You can add content with Vivid in real time using Siri (even while presenting), add your own logo/watermark, control the slides with your smartphone (no seperate remote required), share individual slides as tweets or the whole presentation as PDF right from within Vivid, and don't worry about the layout or small text (this will be taken care of also).

All you need to do is paste and structure your content from anywhere like your E-mail, Slack or the Web into Vivid. When you are ready to present simply connect to your Apple TV using AirPlay or if you haven't got one that download one of the many software solutions (see link how to connect to AirPlay). If you don't have your laptop ready to view your slides using AirPlay then simply make a PDF to view how your slides look like, but keep in mind that Vivid adjusts the size depending on the display resolution.

Oh and one more thing. You can also use Vivid as a timer and presentation notes without having to show slides in the background. The app has a timer function that vibrates in your pocket to remind you how much time you have left (vibrates on iPhones only). It also features a large storyboard to show you the content and key messages and if you want to present them using AirPlay feel free to tab on any slide you want to present.

So let's get started and add content using Siri (see video) or add links to your YouTube and images. The main purpose of the App is to keep things simple and focused. The app will only show you a preview without AirPlay when you export them as PDF.

We think that when you prepare a presentation, your main intention should be to focus on the structure and content as well as the key messages you want to bring across and not the layout or text size. This will be taken care of by the App, which will resize the text according to the amount of text you display and how large your screen is. This way you don't have to worry about complicated slide layouts, tiny unreadable text or having to move around layout boxes on your mobile device.

We hope that you'll stay focused and save time using the app, that you can use for practicing your key messages.

Make it vivid!
(and please help us get better)